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My name is Paul Stoddart aka SongwriterGuy.  I’m a Tampa Bay based guitarist and songwriter creating original songs and music using guitars, vocals and most other instruments. I have been writing for over 35 years, and my works are all original. My style draws from my study of various types of music ranging from classical to jazz and blues to heavy metal; and I enjoy fusing them creatively.

I divide my time between writing and recording solo compositions and performing live with bands and orchestras.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website and for listening to my music. Contact me and let me know what you think of my site and how I can help you.  So glad you found me.

Custom Wedding Songs

Custom Wedding Songs

Happy Song Card Customers

LOVE IT!! ~ Vicki V.

What a thoughtful gift.  Love the harmonies! ~ Lee A.

THAT was really cool! Thanks. ~ Doug A.

That was great and loved the music. ~ Andy S.

Thank you so much for the wonderful song. ~ George J

How could anyone not like a songcard created especially for them? ~ Steve

Best Christmas song ever! ~ Jason S.

Thanks so much for the amazing Christmas song.  Well done ~ Deb C

I love it! Great song. ~ Tim W

That was great! I loved it I’m still rockin’! ~ Rob M.

Thank you for thinking of me. ~ Lesley M